25 Ways to Make Money from Home

If you’re in need of some extra cash, you might want to consider the above options. Some of these don’t even require you to leave the comfort of your own home, so you can stay as productive and stress-free as you want while earning a little bit of extra cash on the side. Remember, you can use multiple strategies to make money from home and increase your total earning potential at the same time.

For example, you could start a blog and monetize it with affiliate links while also doing paid surveys and writing articles for sites that pay per article. You may not earn a full-time salary with just these 25 ways to make money, but you could certainly make some extra cash on the side.

With a few successful ventures under your belt, you could turn these part-time money makers into full-time careers sooner than you think.


Blogging is a great way to earn a side income because it can be done from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection. That’s why blogging is considered a work-from-home job and ranks among the best ways to make money at home.

You can blog about anything, from your unique perspective on current events to your favourite hobby, and can make money through advertising, affiliate marketing, or even a paid membership site.

Depending on the kind of blog you have and what your focus is, you can expect to make anywhere between $100 and $10,000 each month. If you have the time, patience, and dedication to start a blog, you can earn money from home without any initial investment.

Computer and Phone Based Tasks

If you’re looking for a job that allows you to work from home and make a steady income, consider signing up with a company that offers computer and phone based tasks. These types of companies hire people to take surveys, review products, and perform other administrative tasks over the phone or through an internet browser.

If you’re up for this kind of work and you’re able to meet the requirements of each job you apply for, you can make several hundred or even a thousand dollars per month working from home. These companies hire people in all parts of the world, so no matter where you live, you could be eligible to make money by doing computer and phone based tasks.


If you’re a fashionista or you have a knack for finding great deals, consider starting a dropshipping business. With drop shipping, you buy products at wholesale prices, mark them up for retail sale, and then send the products directly to the customer.

There may be some upfront costs to get started, but once you get your business up and running, you’ll be able to make money by working from home without having to deal with the overhead of owning your own product inventory.

Depending on the type of products you sell, you can expect to make anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars per month by running a dropshipping business.

Internet Based Businesses

If you have a skill that other people may be willing to pay for, consider starting an online business that you can run from home. You can choose to open an online store, provide a service like graphic design, or start a blogging website where you write and post articles related to your specific expertise.

You can make money with an internet based business in two ways. You can charge a fee for your products or services, or you can use a “freemium” model that gives away a portion of your product or service for free to lure in customers and drive sales for your paid offerings.

Produce and Sell Your own Product

If you have a craft or skill that you’ve been honing for years or even decades, consider producing and selling your own product to generate a steady income from home. You can make t-shirts, create a line of hand-crafted jewelry, or create any other product that you think people will be willing to pay for.

Once you have your product in hand, you can start selling it online or at local craft fairs and make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month depending on the type of product you create. You can also use a platform like Etsy to sell handmade or vintage items and make a little side cash while also connecting with other creative business owners.

Freelance Writing and Transcription

If you have excellent written communication skills, you could make money by writing freelance articles for blogs, websites, and businesses. You can also consider transcribing audio or video recordings by either typing up the content manually or using a program like Dragon Naturally Speaking to speed up the process.

Depending on the type of work you get and your skill level, you can expect to earn between $10 and $100 for each article or transcription you complete. There are multiple websites that pay per article, so you can easily make a few hundred dollars each month writing for others.

Virtual Assistant Work

If you’re good at managing calendars, making phone calls, sending emails, and other administrative tasks, consider signing up to work as a virtual assistant. You can find work through online platforms or through a local business that’s in need of administrative support.

Some virtual assistant work pays per hour, while others pay per project. You can expect to make between $10 and $100 per hour depending on your skill level and the type of work you take on. Virtual assistant work is a great way to make money from home while also expanding your skill set.

Online Paid Surveys

If you enjoy taking surveys, consider signing up to take online paid surveys to make a little extra money from home. There are many survey sites out there, so you’ll want to do some research to find the best ones for your demographic and skill set.

Some survey sites will ask you to watch a short video or read an article before you can take a survey, while others let you jump right into answering questions and making money. You can expect to earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per survey you complete, but it adds up quickly if you take surveys often and on a daily basis.

Working from home and earning money at the same time sounds like the perfect set-up for anyone. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a retired senior, or an adult who’s unable to continue working as an employee for various reasons, staying at home is a great alternative to get some income flowing.

Working from home can be seen as a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have more flexibility in your work schedule and don’t have to drive anywhere. On the other hand, staying at home means that you won’t have any human interaction and won’t be able to go out for drinks with co-workers after hours.

That being said, working from home has its perks and –if approached in the right way– it can help you make money without having to go out of your house.

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