Can I use my own affiliate link to make purchases?

Yes, you can! In fact, we have made it easy for you to do so. You may use your affiliate link for any purchases you make on and its mobile site as long as the product is not a gift card, voucher or another limited-time offer.

We reserve the right to remove an affiliate link from any account at any time if we believe it is being used in breach of these terms and conditions or has been set up with the intention of manipulating our system.

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  1. How does my commission get paid?
    1. Which products can I promote?
    2. What about VAT and other taxes?
    3. What happens if someone taps on my affiliate link but doesn't buy anything?
    4. What if someone buys something but didn't tap on my link first?
    5. When will I be paid?
    6. Can I use a different tracking URL?
    7. Can I use more than one link per product?
  2. Important notes

How does my commission get paid?

Once we have audited your account and verified that you are entitled to a commission, we will issue a payment to you via PayPal or bank transfer.
Paramount to receiving your payment is ensuring that your PayPal or bank account details are correct and up to date in your account settings.
We will aim to issue your payment within 30 days of your accounting period ending.

Which products can I promote?

There are no restrictions on which products you can promote in your affiliate links.
If you are unsure about whether a specific product is suitable for use in an affiliate link, you can contact us through the support system and we will let you know if it is, or isn’t, a good option.

Can I promote a different product to the one I linked to?
Yes! If you want to promote a different product from the one you initially linked to, simply unlink the product from your account and then link to the new one.

What about VAT and other taxes?

Affiliate commissions are taxable earnings. You will need to declare your commission as income when filing your taxes each year.
When purchasing a product through an affiliate link, the customer pays the same price that they would if they had visited the website directly.
We are not able to issue VAT invoices and cannot account for any other taxes that may apply in your home country.

If a customer clicks your affiliate link but then doesn't purchase anything, they will not be charged.
This happens most often when a customer is browsing the website as a guest and not logged in with their ASOS account, in which case they will not be able to purchase anything.

If a customer purchases an item you have linked to but didn't click your affiliate link first, then you will not earn a commission on that purchase.
We consider purchases that are made through non-affiliate links as normal visitors to our site and as such will not be included in your commission.
This typically occurs when customers use the search bar on the homepage to find a product, or click a category link from an affiliate link to access a new page.

When will I be paid?

Please allow anywhere between 30 and 60 days after the end of the period in which the sale was made before expecting to receive your payment.
In the event of any discrepancies arising in your account, we will review it and let you know the outcome within 30 days of our review date.

Can I use a different tracking URL?

No, you can only link to one product per affiliate link.
If you want to promote multiple products, you will need to set up multiple affiliate links and link to each product with a different affiliate link.

Yes, you can market one product in many different ways.
You can create multiple affiliate links for the same product, place multiple widgets on your website or blog, or even write multiple articles about the product so that you can link to it from as many places as possible.

Important notes

Keep in mind the following when planning your affiliate strategy and setting up your affiliate links.

  •  Customers may have cookies disabled in their browser, in which case they will not be able to access your affiliate link and therefore your commission will be lost.
  •  If you have placed a widget on your blog or website and linked to a product or category that has expired, your affiliate link will still work.
  •  You may not see results from your affiliate links straight away. You may need to wait for the site to be reindexed by Google after changes have been made before they will be picked up.
  •  Affiliate links may be clicked on by your own team or sales colleagues, so be mindful of this when setting them up and do not put them in places where they might hamper your ability to conduct business.

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