Design Float Launches their Inspiration Blog with New Posts

Design Float is one of the top social news sites for web design and graphics articles. Having been online for almost 2 years now, there’s been a lot of talk and hype about the site which has contributed to its popularity. However over the past few weeks, the owner of DF has begun to post again on the Design Float Blog.

Long ago when Design Float first launched, they used their blog to update on new features and ideas. Design Float is based off the Pligg CMS, which is a clone of the famous Digg-style voting method. They’ve been updating new posts on the blog with inspirational collections of photos and graphics, which have been hitting the front page of Design Float ever since.

What I personally enjoy about Design Float’s blog is how open their ideas are. Literally anything about graphics or design is acceptable, as long as it fits in with the theme of Design Float. They’ve got collections of photos ranging from grandfather photos to pleasing lattes and creative bus stops!

I love their style, and the posts only help to promote Design Float as a brand. Utilizing other social media sources to share news and ideas, Design Float is launching back into mainstream social news sharing.

Check out Design Float’s Blog and review their latest posts, I guarantee you’ll find some great inspiration to some extent. Also if you aren’t a member of the Design Float community, consider registering an account for free – you can share any social news there with a great community of designers.

Plus, it’s wicked cool how they designed a WordPress theme to perfectly match the Pligg template they’re running on Design Float. I wonder how long that took?