Does State Farm give discounts on OnStar?

State Farm doesn’t have an official partnership with OnStar, but they will give you a discount if you have the service. State Farm agent Chris O’Brien explained that if your car has OnStar, call them and they will give you up to 15% off your premium. The discount will be based on how many miles you drive in a year as well as other factors.

If your car also comes with a maintenance plan, Chris recommends taking advantage of it. If not, he says that getting one will also result in a lower premium from State Farm.
Chris says that all of this information is available on the website listed above.

Simply type in your zip code and all local agents will come up. Once you find one, ask them about the partnership between State Farm and OnStar and how it affects your rate with them.

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What you should know about OnStar and State Farm

First, you should know that OnStar and State Farm are two completely separate entities. The partnership that exists between them is strictly for members who have cars with OnStar and State Farm insurance.

If you have OnStar and State Farm, then your OnStar plan will be a bit different than those without it. For instance, if you have a flat tire or your car battery dies, you can call OnStar to have it towed, have the tire changed, or have the battery jumped. If you don’t have State Farm, this service is called OnStar Assist.

OnStar Assist is similar to AAA, but with a few more features. You can use it to call for medical assistance, send for roadside assistance, or even order a tow truck. The OnStar service provided to State Farm members also comes with a few extra perks.

For instance, you can set up your car to start when you walk up to it by downloading the State Farm Mobile app. Once you do this, a voice prompt will allow you to access your car’s services.

How much does State Farm cost?

State Farm’s annual premiums range from $118 to $869. The amount you’ll have to pay will depend on a number of factors, including your driving record, credit score, and age. Driving records that are blemished with violations and accidents will result in higher rates. Credit scores can also affect rates. The younger you are, the less you’ll pay in premiums.

State Farm also offers discounts such as good student, accident forgiveness, and safe driver. Other factors such as your car type, if you have any other insurance policies, or if you install an alarm system will also affect your premium.

Which State Farm plan is best?

Numerous State Farm plans are available. The most basic is the State Farm Classic, which offers $100,000 in liability coverage for one person injured in an accident. If you select the State Farm Signature plan, you’ll be covered up to $1 million in liability coverage.

The State Farm Preferred plan offers the best coverage for your money. Unlike other plans, it doesn’t have a deductible. For example, the Preferred plan will cover the first $100,000 in an accident with no out-of-pocket expense for the policyholder.

The State Farm Premier plan extends to $2 million in coverage. It also offers a no-fault provision, which means that the insurance company will pay for your injuries and damages even if you’re at fault. This plan extends to $250,000 in coverage for medical expenses.

What are the benefits of having a car insurance provider that gives discounts on OnStar?

Having a car insurance provider that gives discounts on OnStar can reduce your overall costs. If you have a car with OnStar, then calling for assistance will come at no cost. Without it, you may have to pay for help, which will be reflected in your premium.

If you choose a car insurance provider that offers OnStar discounts, you can take advantage of the maintenance plan that comes with the car. This will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.
If you have kids in the car, having OnStar can be a lifesaver.

You can set your car to arm and disarm with the touch of a button. If your child accidentally locks themselves in the car, you can have it unlocked remotely.

Having car insurance is crucial, but it can be difficult to find a provider that’s right for you. Fortunately, many insurance companies offer discounts for OnStar, making it easier to find the right policy for your needs.

If you have a car with OnStar, you can use it to call for assistance, unlock your car remotely, and avoid paying for help by choosing a provider that offers discounts on the service.

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