How do YouTubers make money? PPC and RPM explained

You might think that they spend most of their time watching videos, uploading them, and interacting with fans. But these YouTubers also have to balance their time by coming up with new content ideas, tracking analytics and keeping tabs on the competition. The constant hustle is what makes them so successful and rich.

But how? Most YouTubers build their careers as side projects alongside another job or as a second source of income. In order to make it profitable enough to do it full-time, many YouTubers sell branded merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies.

Others monetize their channels through sponsorships or paid product placements. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular methods for making money from your YouTube channel.

If you’re not using paid ads yet, you should start. Sponsored ads are the number one way to make money on YouTube. While you’re recommended to diversify your revenue streams as much as possible, ads will always be a reliable source of income.

You can even make money with pre-roll ads that play before your videos. This method is not as profitable, since viewers can just skip the ads. But it can be a useful way to earn additional income while you build your channel’s audience.

Another option is banner ads. You can earn money from these by placing them on your website, social media, or within your video content.

YouTube partnering and earning fees

YouTube partners earn from ad revenue. You’ll need to reach 10,000 lifetime views on your channel to be considered for the program. Then you’ll have to wait for a review to be approved. If you make it, you’ll be able to start earning from ad revenue.

If you want to maximize your earnings, make sure your channel is set up for success by optimizing your video names, descriptions, and tags. Also make sure to keep your content fresh by uploading new videos. As a general rule, you should upload at least one video per week.

Depending on how many views you get, you could make a decent amount of money from ad revenue. This chart shows you how much the average YouTuber earns based on their views.

Track and understand your audience

YouTube analytics are your best friend. It’s the only way you’ll really know how well your content is doing. It will give you an idea of how many people are viewing your videos, how long they watch for, and where they’re coming from.

You can also track how many people are clicking on your links and where they’re visiting from. This data will help you optimize your videos to make them more appealing to your audience. You’ll be able to see what people like and dislike. And you’ll be able to see which topics are resonating with your viewers.

Merchandise and selling physical products

If you have an engaged audience, you’re probably already selling a bunch of branded t-shirts. But if not, you should start. This is a great way to monetize your channel, especially if you have a sizable following.

You may have heard about TeePublic, one of the most popular t-shirt websites. You can use it to sell shirts with your own designs alongside other YouTubers’ merchandise. Another option is to create your own store. This is especially useful if you want to sell physical products. You can use services like Shopify or Squarespace to create your own website.

Making money from your YouTube channel is possible. You just have to find a way to reach your audience. Whether you upload gaming videos, makeup tutorials, or educational content, there’s an audience for everything online.

You just have to be creative and consistent with your content. This is a skill you can learn. You can also outsource tasks like creating graphics and recording videos if you don’t have the time.
What’s most important is that you don’t give up. There are millions of people just like you trying to make a name for themselves online.

If you keep trying, you’re bound to succeed. And the results will be worth it. You can use your earnings to fund your other passions, travel, or just live a more comfortable life.

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