How much does $9 an hour equal in terms of salary?

In today's world, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. That works out to around $15,080 a year if you work full time and don't take any time off. But what if you're not a full-time employee who works every week? Or what if you have other sources of income? How do we calculate what $9 an hour equals in terms of salary—and more importantly, how much can someone make by working at that rate?

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  1. an hour equals a salary of ,720 per year.

$9 an hour equals a salary of $18,720 per year.

$9 per hour equals a salary of $18,720 per year. That's based on a 40-hour work week and 52-week work year.

$9 an hour is a modest wage, but it’s still far more than minimum wage. At $9 an hour, you can earn up to $18,720 per year. That’s enough to put food on the table for your entire family or buy a new car every three years or so!

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