How much does a YouTuber with 1 million views per month

Let’s face it— the beauty industry is dominated by an older demographic. But what about the younger generation of beauty enthusiasts? Are they watching tutorials on YouTube and learning how to perfect their winged eyeliner? The answer is a resounding yes.

So many young people are watching beauty YouTubers that they’ve even been given a name, “Freshers” (because they all tend to upload new videos at the beginning of every new academic year). These creators are helping to bring young people back to beauty in a major way. And fortunately for them, there’s money to be made in this niche.

According to YouTube analytics site VidStatsX, almost 90% of beauty vloggers have fewer than 10,000 subscribers. This means there’s still scope for growth and new creators with smaller followings could eventually become successful influencers.

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How much do YouTubers make?

Obviously, this will depend on the size of your following, but you can expect to earn anywhere between $1-$10 per thousand views (CPM). There’s also the potential to make money from brand partnerships, event appearances, merchandise, etc.

According to industry data, the average YouTube salary (including channel profit and bonuses) is $12.50 per hour. On average, the top YouTubers make millions of dollars per year.

If you’re not after the super-rich lifestyle, you can still make a nice little side income from your beauty channel. And if you’re smart about it, you could even turn it into a full-time job.

Find your niche

You don’t necessarily have to be a beauty expert to make money from YouTube. If you’re a creative type and want to try your hand at a beauty channel, by all means go for it. The key is to have a niche and to stand out against the thousands of other beauty channels.

You could focus on a particular product, like eyeshadow palettes or lipstick; or you could cover a specific technique, like winged eyeliner or contouring. Be sure to choose something that you enjoy and that you would want to watch.

The value of a YouTube partnership

If you make it big, you might be approached to become a YouTube partner. YouTube has several tiers of partnerships, and while each tier offers different perks, they all come with additional revenue sharing.

A partnership means you’ve been recognized by YouTube as a trusted and verified source of content, and you’re eligible for additional ad revenue. The exact amount you receive will depend on a variety of factors, including the number of viewers and their location. This could be a nice little bonus on top of the money you make from your own ads and product links.

Monetization options for YouTube beauty creators

If you’re fortunate enough to have a sizeable following, you could make money from your videos by including product links, affiliate links, and sponsored content.

Depending on the audience and your content, the most popular product links include makeup, skincare, and haircare. When linking to a product, you need to be clear about the fact that you’re being compensated for the recommendation.

To get started, visit the YouTube Help Center to learn more about how product links work and discover which products are eligible.

Final words: Is becoming a YouTuber worth it?

If you’re passionate about beauty and want to share your knowledge and expertise with a wider audience, becoming a YouTuber can be incredibly rewarding. You get to interact with your fans, make new friends, and build a community around your channel.

You’re also helping other people and making a difference in their lives. And if you get really lucky, you could even make a living from your passion. So if you’re interested in becoming a YouTuber, there’s no better time to start than now.

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