How to activate stars on your Facebook page

When you think of social media, you probably think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But what about Facebook pages? You’ve probably seen a lot of businesses with their own Facebook page. It’s not just for the big companies anymore; small businesses are starting to create their own Facebook pages to keep in touch with potential customers and make new connections. Now that you know about Facebook pages and why they matter, you need to activate your stars on your profile so people can find them! Here are some tips on how to activate stars on your Facebook page.

Topic Index
  1. Create a unique URL for your Facebook page
  2. Add a cover photo
  3. Add a Welcome ad
  4. Add Facebook stickers
  5. Add an Events button

Create a unique URL for your Facebook page

A landing page is the homepage of your Facebook page. It’s the first thing people see when they come to your page, so it’s important that it catches their attention and makes them want to stay. It’s best practice to create a unique URL for your page. To do this, go to your page and click on “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

Under “General,” click on “Page URL” and select “Edit” to add a custom URL. Make sure you choose a URL that is easy to remember and doesn’t have any special characters, like a colon (:) or a dash (-), because Facebook won’t be able to read that URL.

Add a cover photo

The cover photo is the first thing people see on your Facebook page, so it’s important that it catches their attention. Think of cover photos like the cover of a book that’s displayed on a shelf at the bookstore: the cover image has to convey what the book is about, or you risk losing potential readers.

You can use your cover photo to introduce your brand, announce new products or services, or promote events. You can also include a call-to-action in your cover photo, such as asking people to subscribe to your email list or follow you on social media. You can also use your cover photo to showcase your team or organization, like when you’re introducing new employees or board members.

Add a Welcome ad

The Welcome ad is the image that appears at the top of your page when someone visits for the first time. This is your chance to grab someone’s attention and get them interested in your brand. The best way to use this ad is to ask a question that your target audience would find interesting.

You could ask, “Is your business ready for a new website?” or “Do you need professional headshots for your LinkedIn profile?” You could also ask a question that’s related to your brand, like “What do you need help with?” or “How can we help you?” Another popular way to use the Welcome ad is to use text-only to get a person’s attention, like “Get a free website analysis” or “We’ll create a custom photo shoot just for you.”

Add Facebook stickers

Stickers are another way to add images to your page. You can add stickers to your cover or Welcome ad, or you can add them to a post or comment. You can find stickers by clicking on “Stickers” in the drop-down menu at the bottom of your screen.

When you click on “Stickers”, you’ll see a scrolling menu of sticker options to choose from, like popular hashtags, emojis, or seasonal topics. Facebook will also show you trending stickers, like the logo for March for Our Lives, the climate change symbol, or the Women’s March logo. You can also create your own sticker by taking a photo or choosing an image and adding it to a sticker.

Add an Events button

If your business hosts events, like meet-and-greets or conferences and conventions, you can add an Events button to your page to let people know about them. The Events button will appear in a box on your page, giving people the option to click it to see all your upcoming events. If you have an online event, like a webinar, you can also add it to your page so people can easily find it.

To add an Events button to your page, click “Create a new event” in the drop-down menu at the bottom of your screen and follow the instructions. Once you’ve created the event, click “Edit event” in the drop-down menu and select “Edit as a page event.” You can also add an events section to your page by clicking “Create a new page” in the drop-down menu and clicking “Add an event” when the next window opens.

A Facebook page is an important part of any marketing strategy. The more people who follow your page, the more people will see your posts. With that in mind, you may want to consider activating stars on your page so more people can find it. You can create a unique URL for your page, add a cover photo, add a Welcome ad, and add an Events button to draw people in. Now that you’ve learned how to activate stars on your Facebook page, you can attract more followers and keep them engaged with your brand.

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