How to create a gaming video on Facebook

Creating a video about gaming, either for personal use or for distribution as a video on Facebook, is not only easy to do with modern technology but can be a lot of fun. Gaming videos have become extremely popular on YouTube in recent years due to the rise of Let’s Play videos. There are millions of gaming videos on YouTube, and the trend shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

There’s also a growing desire among viewers to see more authentic content from creators they trust – meaning that your friends who watch gaming videos are hungry to see something new and different from the standard Let’s Plays and walkthroughs. Creating your own gaming video isn’t easy at first, but once you crack the code, there’s nothing more rewarding than creating content that you know people will love.

Topic Index
  1. What is Let’s Play?
  2. Create a script
  3. Record the gameplay
  4. Add your voice-over
  5. Mix and match audio

What is Let’s Play?

Let’s Play (or LP) is the term used for playing a video game while recording the gameplay and providing narration either live as the game progresses or after the fact. It is more of a “performance” than a strict walkthrough. The most common form of Let’s Play has a single gamer providing the commentary while playing game co-op or versus mode with friends. The growing popularity of Let’s Play videos has led to the creation of a new genre of YouTube content.

Let’s Play videos can be a great way to get better at a game, as you can pause the game whenever you want to talk about a particular subject. It’s also a great way to share your experience with a game with others who might be interested. You can also create a Let’s Play video as a type of review for a game, either new or old. Let’s Play videos are typically casual and fun, and often include a decent amount of humor.

Create a script

Before you even think about hitting “record,” sit down and write out a script. Gaming videos are different from other types of video and require a different approach to scripting. For example, if you’re creating a video with a friend, you may want to script out the conversation and add notes on where you can pause the gameplay to talk about certain aspects of the game.

If you’re creating a solo video, you can still benefit from scripting out your thoughts before going live. This will help you stay on-topic and eliminate the chance that you’ll lose your train of thought while recording the video.

When scripting out your gaming video, keep it natural and conversational. Have fun with it, and don’t feel like you need to follow your script to the letter. If you like, you can even add in a few jokes or puns. The main thing is that you need to be yourself. Your audience will be able to tell if you’re faking it, so be as genuine as possible.

Record the gameplay

Once you’ve written and practiced your script, it’s time to hit the record button. Before recording, make sure that your lighting and sound are up to snuff. This will ensure that your video looks professional and isn’t marred by distracting visual elements and audio issues. If you’ve never recorded gameplay before, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Brand first: Make sure that your video is branded with your logo, banner, and other identifiers. You should have consistent branding across all your social media properties, so make sure that your gaming video is just as professional and eye-catching as the rest of your content.
  •  Record in landscape mode: While you can record your gameplay vertically, it’s far better to record in landscape mode. This will ensure that your video is displayed properly on any platform that you choose to share it on.
  • Use a reliable capture device: If you’re recording gameplay on a PC, you can use virtually any device to record your gameplay. However, if you’re recording from a console, make sure you have the proper recording device. Functionality varies from console to console, so be sure to do your research.

Add your voice-over

One of the easiest ways to make your gaming video stand out is to add a voice-over to your gameplay. This can be as simple as talking about your current objective or discussing a particular strategy you’re using in the game. You can also use your voice-over to engage with your audience, answering questions and responding to comments as they come in.

If you’re serious about creating gaming video content, you might want to invest in a quality headset. This will help you sound more professional while recording your voice-over, ensuring that your audience will trust you and your advice. If you don’t want to use your own voice, there are plenty of services that let you hire a voice actor to record a custom script for your video.

Mix and match audio

Once you’ve recorded your gameplay and added your voice-over, it’s time to mix and match your audio. This is a crucial part of creating a professional gaming video, as the right audio mix will help your video sound more polished and high-quality.

If you’re creating a video with multiple participants, you can use audio editing tools to lower the volume of each person’s microphone. This will ensure that each person can be heard clearly while also helping reduce background noise.

You can also use different types of sound effects during your video. This can be as simple as adding music to the background of your video or adding a sound effect when you hit an enemy in a shooting game. Mixing and matching your audio will make your video stand out from the crowd, helping you earn more views and subscribers.

Gaming videos are a great way of engaging with your fan base and showing them who you are. Using the tips above, you can easily create a gaming video that’s entertaining and informative. Remember to be yourself and have fun with it—your viewers will appreciate the effort.

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