How to Get 500 Dollars Today

If you're short on cash, it can be tempting to make a big purchase or take out a loan. But if you're already carrying debt, then these options can put you in a worse position than you were in before. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to get emergency cash fast! In this post we'll go over the best ways to get cash in hand right away—all without borrowing more money.

Topic Index
  1. 1. Sell Your Gold Jewelry for Cash
  2. 2. Sell Your Diamonds for Cash
  3. 3. Sell Your Gift Cards Online for Cash
  4. 4. Pawn Your Jewelry for Quick Cash
  5. 5. Get a Personal Loan from an Online Lender
  6. Lightstream
  7. SoFi
  8. Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  9. 6. Get a Cash Advance from a Credit Card
  10. Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card
  11. Discover it Secured Credit Card
  12. Capital One Platinum Credit Card
  13. Wells Fargo Secured Visa® Platinum card
  14. 7. Borrow Money from Family & Friends for Quick Cash (the Stress-free Way)
  15. 8. Rent out Your Extra Bedroom for Fast Cash (and a Free Place to Stay) on Airbnb or VRBO
  16. 9. Sell Your Old Smartphone and Other Tech Gadgets for Quick Cash at Flipsy or Decluttr

1. Sell Your Gold Jewelry for Cash

To sell your gold jewelry for cash, you have to find a buyer. You can do this by looking for jewelry stores in your area and asking them if they buy gold. Some won’t give you a quote over the phone, but will invite you into their store so they can evaluate the item in person first.

If that doesn't work, search online for “gold buyers near me." This will bring up business listings with contact information, as well as reviews from previous customers so you know what kind of experience to expect when selling your items. The best option is probably going straight to a local pawn shop that buys gold because they'll be more likely to give an accurate price right away without trying to talk down the price too much or even reject it altogether (not all pawn shops do this).

2. Sell Your Diamonds for Cash

Selling your diamonds for cash is another option to get money today. You can take them to a local jeweler or pawn shop and see if they will pay cash for your diamonds. This is a quick way to make some extra money, but the price you'll get depends on the quality of your diamond and how much jewelry it has in it.

The best place to sell diamonds online is through trusted platforms which offers top dollar for certified natural gemstones. It's easy-peasy: visit their website, enter in some basic information about yourself and about your jewels, then wait for an offer from one of their buyers!

3. Sell Your Gift Cards Online for Cash

Another great way to earn money today is by selling your gift cards online. You can sell your gift cards at a discount, and they will pay you cash for them. The company sells the card on their website and the buyer gets it in the mail.

It’s very easy to do this because all you have to do is list your card on their site and wait for someone who wants it. You can even get paid right away if you want (they pay by check). This means that if you have any unused gift cards laying around, use them up now!

4. Pawn Your Jewelry for Quick Cash

Pawning your jewelry is one of the easiest ways to get quick cash.

  • What to pawn: You should only pawn items that are in good condition and worth a lot of money in the current market. If you have an antique ring or necklace that was passed down from generations, this might be a better option for you than a new diamond ring.
  • How much can I expect? The amount of money you'll receive depends on many factors, including whether or not they're willing to buy it outright, how much they can sell it for, what their profit margin is, etc. If they buy your item outright, which means paying full price for an item without giving interest charges (like if someone purchases something using credit), then expect between 25% and 50% of its retail value depending on how much demand there is for it at the moment—but keep in mind that even if there's high demand right now doesn't mean that will remain true forever so don't expect too much! Remember: since part of what makes these stores so profitable is because people need cash fast when things go wrong--meaning prices tend towards being low because otherwise people would just use banks instead--so don't expect too high either! As with any investment opportunity though some risk exists too so proceed carefully before committing yourself by asking questions first like "what happens if I don't sell my item?".

5. Get a Personal Loan from an Online Lender

You can get a personal loan from an online lender. These loans are often a better option than traditional banks, because they offer higher rates and you can complete the process in as little as one hour.

Before applying for a loan, make sure you know the following:

  • How much money you need
  • The interest rate on your loan (this varies widely between lenders)
  • A minimum credit score required by your lender
  • Minimum monthly income needed to qualify for the loan
  • Minimum debt-to-income ratio needed to qualify for the loan
  • Minimum credit history required before being able to apply for this type of product


LightStream offers personal loans up to $50,000. The loan amounts start at $5,000 and go up to $50,000. LightStream offers loans ranging from $2,500 to $50,000.


SoFi is a peer-to-peer lending platform that also offers student loans, mortgages, personal loans and wealth management services. SoFi is able to offer these financial services at lower rates than traditional banks because its underwriting process does not require the same amount of time or money as traditional bank processes.

SoFi does not have branches and therefore no physical locations for you to visit in order to apply for credit or open an account. Instead, you must submit an online application through their website or app—which is what we recommend doing if you're interested in applying! After reviewing your application, they'll make a decision on whether or not they will approve your loan (or other product). If approved, they may give you a call with more details about how much funding will be available once the funds are deposited into your account—and what kind of interest rate(s) might apply depending on which product(s) were selected during application processing stages!

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is a personal loan lender that offers loans up to $40,000. With no origination fees, Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers fixed rates and fixed payments.

6. Get a Cash Advance from a Credit Card

If you're in a bind and need to get some money right away, there are two options:

  • Borrow from a friend or family member. This is great if they're willing to help out, but it can cause problems if they don't want you to owe them any favors in the future (or if they simply don't have the money).
  • Take out a cash advance on your credit card. You'll have to pay back the loan quickly (usually in two weeks), but you'll still be charged interest on top of that—and your credit rating will suffer as well. If this sounds like something for which you need cash quickly and desperately enough that it's worth paying high interest rates, then go ahead and apply for such an advance now; otherwise, try one of our other suggestions first!

Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card offers an extra 0% intro APR on purchases for 12 months and 1.5% cash back on every purchase, with no annual fee. If you don't need to carry a balance, this could be a great card for you.

Discover it Secured Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No balance transfer fee
  • No late payment fee
  • No penalty APR
  • No cash advance fee
  • No overlimit fee

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

You can get the Capital One Platinum Credit Card through your local bank or credit union. This card offers a lot of benefits. It has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, no cash advance fees, and no penalty APR. You also won’t pay a late payment fee or over-the-limit fee with this card. The APR for this card is lower than many other cards on the market today – this means you’ll save money in interest payments by using it!

There are some downsides to consider before applying for this card: it does have an annual percentage rate (APR). You should also know that if your credit score isn't high enough when you apply for the Capital One Platinum Credit Card then there's a chance that they will reject your application altogether; however if they do accept your application then you'll be able to apply for as much as $100 worth in rewards points per billing cycle!

Wells Fargo Secured Visa® Platinum card

The Wells Fargo Secured Visa® Platinum card is one of the most popular secured credit cards on the market, with an APR of 19.24% variable and a $300 minimum deposit for your security. You'll also need to make monthly payments in excess of $25; this isn't too difficult if you're making payments on time every month. (If you're unable to pay off your balance in full, however, it's important that you know what kind of fees can accrue.)

The rewards program for this card offers 1X points per dollar spent at restaurants and gas stations and 2X points per dollar spent everywhere else—but only if those purchases are made with your Wells Fargo Visa credit card.

There are some great benefits when it comes to applying online: you'll receive instant approval via email within 60 seconds; there's no hard pull on your report; and our service is completely free!

7. Borrow Money from Family & Friends for Quick Cash (the Stress-free Way)

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make cash, consider borrowing money from family and friends. This method is not only stress-free, but can also help you cultivate relationships with the people who are closest to you.

  • Ask for a loan from your family member or friend. If they don’t want to lend it to you, ask if they know anyone who is willing. It's always better to start at the top of someone's list than at the bottom!

8. Rent out Your Extra Bedroom for Fast Cash (and a Free Place to Stay) on Airbnb or VRBO

If you have a spare room and are looking for ways to make some extra cash, consider renting it out on Airbnb or VRBO. These sites allow homeowners to rent out their space for short-term stays, which can be useful for people who want to travel but don't want to spend money on hotels or hostels.

Airbnb is one of the most popular options in this category. The site allows users to find and book accommodations around the world from other companies that offer rooms, homes, apartments or even yurts (if you're into that sort of thing). You can also list your own place and earn money off of any reservations made through your listing—and if someone books your place while staying at another location? That helps bring down costs so they don't have to pay extra!

The good news is that you don't need much experience with web development or computer science degrees; all it takes is some common sense and attention detail (like not leaving toothpaste stains on the mirror). With just a few hours each week dedicated toward building up your profile(s), there's no reason why anyone wouldn't be able to make hundreds per month with this side hustle option!

9. Sell Your Old Smartphone and Other Tech Gadgets for Quick Cash at Flipsy or Decluttr

Another great way to get some fast cash is to sell your old tech. It's especially helpful if you're looking for a quick payday, because selling your old electronics is one of the fastest ways to earn money online.

If you have an old smartphone or other electronic device that no longer works, head over to Flipsy and Decluttr where they will buy it from you in exchange for cold hard cash. Both companies are top-rated by consumers so they'll ensure that your item is actually worth something and won't take advantage of you like some other sites might do.

So, there you have it! We’ve given you a list of nine quick ways to get 500 dollars. Some of them take longer than others, but all of them are simple enough for anyone to do. If none of these ideas seem like something that would work for you, then we encourage you to think about what else might help pull some money together quickly—and then go ahead and try it out!

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