How to increase your Facebook engagement to get more reach

Social media has changed the way brands and businesses interact with consumers and potential customers. While some people are still wary of posting personal information online, most people now see social media as a platform to connect with others online.

If you own a business or brand, you probably have at least one or two social media accounts for it. But how much engagement do your posts get? How many followers do you have? Are people surprised when they find out that you’re involved in that business? If you’re getting low engagement on your pages, the problem might not be your audience but your posts.

People like to follow brands they trust and find interesting. So if your engagement is low, you might need to change something about the way you post things on social media. Keep reading for tips on how to increase your Facebook engagement so that more people see your page and want to follow it.

Topic Index
  1. Be interesting
  2. Use videos and photos
  3. Ask questions
  4. Don’t forget your hashtags
  5. Increase engagement with ads

Be interesting

It’s true that we’re living in a time when people don’t have as much time as they used to have, but that doesn’t mean your posts don’t have to be interesting. Some brands go so far as to being too sales-y that no one wants to follow them. What do people want to see? Not just the product, but behind-the-scenes looks at your business and the people who work there. Give them a reason to follow you and not just your products.

That doesn’t mean you can’t post product images and sales. You just need to mix it in with things that people want to see, like funny posts and behind-the-scenes content. If no one is following your page, then you’re not getting any engagement.

Use videos and photos

If you only post short snippets of text, your engagement will remain low. People are visual creatures, and visuals can make a big difference to how much people engage with your posts. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for visuals, look at some of the most successful posts on Facebook.

What do they have in common? That’s probably a good place to start. If you have product images, use them as visual posts. People can’t buy what they can’t see. If you have events coming up, post photos from the event. If you have employees, get photos of them doing what they do every day.

People like to see the human side of businesses and brands. If you have a mascot or favourite animal, post photos of it around the office. If your business deals with weather, post photos of the weather. Find a visual angle to use for your posts to boost engagement.

Ask questions

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned discussion to get people engaged and interacting with your posts. Questions like “What’s one thing people don’t know about your job?” or “If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?” can get people talking and interacting with your posts in a big way. If you want people to answer your questions, you have to give them a reason to do so.

When you post questions to your page, don’t answer them immediately. Give people a couple of days and then answer the questions yourself. This will get the conversation moving and get people interested in your page and in your posts.

Don’t forget your hashtags

You’re probably aware that you can use hashtags on Facebook, but you might be leaving them out of your posts. Not only will hashtags increase engagement, but they’ll also help your posts get discovered. You need to use relevant hashtags or they won’t be beneficial. Use a tool like Facebook Keyword Insights to find out the most popular hashtags related to your business.

Some brands forget to bring hashtags into their posts, and that decreases their engagement. You can also use hashtags in the comments on other posts. This will help get your posts discovered, and you’ll see an increase in engagement as a result.

Increase engagement with ads

Ads are something you want to be careful with, since they can turn off potential customers as easily as they can bring them in. But used correctly, they can also help you boost your engagement and get more people to follow your page. If you have a low engagement rate, try boosting one of your posts with an ad. See what kind of engagement it gets and then boost another post.

You can also boost posts in which you ask for engagement. This can help you get more people to engage. Engagement can vary from day to day. Some days are better than others, so if you’re seeing lower engagement than you’d like, boost a post or two and see if that helps raise it back up again.

Social media is a great way to get your brand or business in front of new customers, but only if they see it. You can’t expect them to go searching through the millions of posts they can see every day. You need to make sure they see your posts and that they’re interesting enough to keep them there.

That’s where engagement comes in. Make sure people are engaging with your posts by being interesting and keeping things visual. If no one is engaging with your pages, then you may need to change something about the way you post things on social media.

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