How to Make Money Fast: 100 Ways to Earn $100 Now

Money doesn’t grow on trees. It also doesn’t miraculously appear in your bank account if you don’t have enough cash to pay for something. Money is something that you need to work hard for and keep thinking about so that you can earn more of it. Even if you are young and just starting out, it is never too early to start planning and working towards a financially stable future that includes financial security as well as savings and investments.

The great thing about money is that there are plenty of ways to make it, even when you don’t have much in the way of savings or investments just yet. You just need to be creative, determined, and willing to put in the time and effort necessary to make money fast.

Topic Index
  1. Blogging
  2. Sell Your Art
  3. Rent Out Your Stuff
  4. Become an Insta-Jobber
  5. Deliver Food With DoorDash
    1. Earn Money From Apps
  6. Join The Google AdSense Program
  7. Shop and Earn - With Apps Like Ibotta and ShoeDazzle
  8. Write and Sell eBooks (And Other Digital Goods)
  9. Take Surveys For Cash – Fast!
  10. Drive For Uber Or Lyft - Or Earn With Their Co-Working Spaces And Rafts
  11. Start A Business
  12. Open a Side Hustle
  13. Negotiate A Raise
  14. Start A Craft Business
  15. Start A Yard Sale
  16. Sell Your Blood
  17. Sell Your Used Clothing
  18. Make Money From Your Car
  19. Do Some Freelance Work
  20. Open a Savings Account
    1. Sell Your Old Stuff


Although blogging isn’t a quick way to make money, it can be a very sustainable and lucrative source of income if you do it right. There are two ways to make money blogging – you can either create advertisements and sell your readers’ attention to advertisers, or you can use your blog as a lead magnet and sell your own products and services to your readers.

If you are serious about making money blogging, there are plenty of guides and resources online to help you get started.

Sell Your Art

Whether you paint, draw, or make sculptures, there are plenty of online marketplaces where you can sell your artwork to people who are interested in buying it. You may even be able to find a local arts and crafts store that would be happy to sell your work for you. You can also try to sell your art at local events and festivals or through local Facebook or Craigslist ads.

Rent Out Your Stuff

If you have a lot of stuff just sitting around that you don’t use, or don’t have any use for, you can try renting it out to make extra money when you need it. You can rent out your car, boat, or other large equipment as well as your home. You can also try to find other people who need to rent out their stuff, too, and make a profit off of the exchange.

Become an Insta-Jobber

If you’re a service person, like a plumber or electrician, you can get paid to do small jobs in your area that people can’t do themselves. You could help people with construction, cleaning, or even something like installing an app on their phone. You could advertise these services through an app like Insta-Jobber, Thumbtack, or even Craigslist.

Deliver Food With DoorDash

If you like to drive and you live in a city, you can sign up to deliver food for services like DoorDash to make money quickly. You can either sign up as an independent contractor for the company or you can apply to become a driver for one of the restaurants that use their service.

Earn Money From Apps

There are apps out there that let you earn money by doing tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, or playing games. Swagbucks and InboxDollars are two of the most popular ones, and you can use them on your computer or phone to make money from home.

Join The Google AdSense Program

If you want to make money quickly online, you can join the AdSense program and start earning money from ads that appear on your website. You don’t have to host your own ads on your website, but you can join the AdSense program and let Google host the ads on your website.

Shop and Earn - With Apps Like Ibotta and ShoeDazzle

There are apps like Ibotta and ShoeDazzle that pay you when you do regular shopping at places like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. You just need to connect your account to your preferred stores, choose what you want to buy and earn cash back.

Write and Sell eBooks (And Other Digital Goods)

If you have expertise or knowledge in a specific field, you can turn that into an eBook and sell it on platforms like Amazon Kindle or Gumroad. There are also websites like Udemy that let you create video courses and sell them online, too.

Take Surveys For Cash – Fast!

If you want to make money fast, and you don’t want to spend your time writing a book or creating an online course, taking surveys can be a great way to earn some quick cash. You can sign up for websites like Survey Junkie to take surveys and make money fast.

Drive For Uber Or Lyft - Or Earn With Their Co-Working Spaces And Rafts

If you have a car and a clean driving record, you can use apps like Uber and Lyft to make money driving passengers around town. You can also sign up for other apps, like the Rafts co-working app, to earn money and make your commute a little less boring.

Start A Business

You don’t have to be a business expert to start a small business and make money quickly. You can sell your own products, like t-shirts or homemade crafts, or you can offer a service, like handyman work, to make money and earn extra cash.

Open a Side Hustle

If you want to make money fast, you can start a side hustle on the side and work on it in addition to your regular job. You can do things like freelance writing or design, house cleaning, babysitting, or other part-time work to earn extra money on the side.

Negotiate A Raise

If you’re already employed, you can make money fast by negotiating a raise at your current job. You can also negotiate for a better position, salary, or benefits package if you’re looking for a new job.

Start A Craft Business

If you like to craft, you can make money fast by selling your crafts on platforms like Etsy or at local craft fairs. You can also try to sell your crafts or items you’ve made online to make even more money from your craft skills.

Start A Yard Sale

For a quick and easy way to make money fast, you can start a yard sale and sell a bunch of your unwanted items to make extra cash. You can also use a site like Craigslist to make money by buying and selling your own unwanted items online.

Sell Your Blood

If you’re healthy and meet the requirements, you can make money fast by selling your blood. You can sign up for a blood plasma donation center where they will pay you to donate your blood.

Sell Your Used Clothing

If you have old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, you can sell them online to make money quickly and easily. You can sell your clothes on websites like ThredUp, Poshmark, or Decluttr.

Make Money From Your Car

If you drive a lot or have a car that doesn’t get used often, you can make money from it by renting it out to people who need cars for when they travel or for work. You can also try to request a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft to make money with your car, too.

Do Some Freelance Work

If you have a skill that other people need, like writing, web design, or accounting, you can make money from home by doing freelance work. You can try to find clients through websites like Upwork, or you can try to network with other people to find freelance work.

Open a Savings Account

If you need to make money fast, you can open a savings account and start putting money away in case you ever need it. Money in a savings account doesn’t earn a lot of interest, but it’s better than having no money at all.

Sell Your Old Stuff

If you need to make money fast, you can sell your

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