How to make money on YouTube: The most popular YouTube channels

The world of online video is growing fast. In fact, according to a recent report by market research company MindCommerce, there are now more people watching videos online than browsing websites or reading content on desktops or mobile devices.

The same report also found that the number of viewers watching videos on YouTube has increased by almost 50% over the past year. Clearly, there’s a lot of opportunity in this space right now -- and you don’t have to be an experienced actor or filmmaker to take advantage of it. As long as you have something interesting to say, creating your own YouTube channel and monetizing it with ads could be a great way to make money from home. In this article we will look at the best tips and tricks for how to make money on YouTube.

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  1. Create great content
  2. Add ads before and during your video
  3. Partner with brands
  4. Ask for sponsorship
    1. Earn revenue from your audience

Create great content

The first step to making money on YouTube is creating a popular video. The quality of your content will have a huge impact on how many views you get, how many likes and shares it gets, and ultimately how much money you earn from it. If you want to make a lot of money from YouTube, you’ll need to create something that people want to watch. The best way to do this is to ask yourself -- what kind of videos do people love to watch? What topics are people talking about online right now? What are the latest trends in video content?

A good place to start is by taking a look at the most popular YouTube channels. These are generally large networks that have been around for a while, so they’ve had time to build up a loyal audience. By analyzing what these channels are posting, you can get a good idea of which types of videos are most popular right now. This will help you to create better content and make sure you’re on trend.

Add ads before and during your video

Once you’ve uploaded your video, you can start to generate revenue from it straight away by adding advertisements. To do this, you’ll need to sign up for an account with YouTube itself. Once you’re a member, you can go in to “Creator Mode” to access your account settings and enable monetization on your video.

There are several ways to place ads on your video: The pre-roll ad is the most common type of ad on YouTube. It will appear before your video as it loads and give viewers the option to skip it after a few seconds. This is the most lucrative form of YouTube advertisement, so make sure to choose it if you can.

Another common type of ad is the mid-roll ad, which appears during your video itself. This type of ad is less lucrative but it doesn’t annoy viewers as much, so it’s a good way to make money on YouTube if you don’t get many pre-roll views. Finally, there are end-roll ads, which appear at the end of your video. These are less common, but they are a good way to earn money if your video is long -- since people are less likely to skip them.

Partner with brands

As your YouTube channel grows, you might be approached by brands who want to collaborate with you. This is often a great way to make money from a YouTube channel, especially if you’re creating videos that are related to the brand’s product or service. If a company likes your channel, they might offer to pay you to create sponsored content for them.

They might even offer to pay you a regular amount each month to produce content for them. In some cases, they may also pay you a one-off fee for the collaboration. If a company wants to sponsor your channel, you can also ask for a portion of the advertisement revenue from their ads on your video. If you play your cards right, you could make a lot of money from a regular sponsorship deal.

Ask for sponsorship

Even if a company doesn’t approach you, you can always ask them if they’d like to sponsor your channel. Online platforms like Patreon have made it easier than ever to ask for recurring funding from your audience. For example, you could create a page where you list the equipment you use, the hosting costs and other expenses related to your YouTube channel.

You can then ask your viewers to fund these expenses and in return, offer them rewards such as early access to your content, merchandise or special features. This can be a great way to make money from YouTube if you have a dedicated audience.

Earn revenue from your audience

As well as making money from ads, you can also make money from your audience directly. Many social media platforms now allow creators to charge their subscribers a regular fee for access to exclusive content. For example, YouTubers like Jake and Jack are earning thousands of dollars per month by charging access to their premium members’ club.

On YouTube, you can use a tool like Patreon to set up a membership page and charge your viewers a small fee per month or per video. This is a great way to make money from YouTube if your channel doesn’t get lots of views.

You can also make money from your audience by selling merchandise. Many YouTubers make a fortune from selling t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise with their branding on it. You can set up an online shop through sites like TeePublic or RedBubble to sell your merchandise.

Making money from YouTube isn’t easy, but it is possible if you put in the time and effort. The first step to earning money from a YouTube channel is to create great content that people want to watch. Once you have a video that people like, you can start generating revenue with advertisements. You can also partner with brands and ask for sponsorship.

If you have a dedicated audience, you can also earn money from them directly by charging a subscription fee or selling merchandise. With hard work and creativity, you can earn a healthy income from YouTube.

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