How to Make Money on YouTube: Views

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It is also the second largest source of Internet video content. As a result, it’s an excellent place for YouTubers to build an audience and monetize their videos.

This article explores how to make money on YouTube by helping you understand what kind of videos will go viral on YouTube, how to record your own video, and what sort of ad formats you can use to monetize your content.
There are many ways to make money from making YouTube videos, but not everyone knows how or where to start. This guide will give you all the information you need in one place so that you can begin your own channel with confidence. Let’s dive in and explore how!

Topic Index
  1. Knowing what type of videos will go viral on YouTube
  2. Recording your own video
  3. Monetizing your content with Ads

Knowing what type of videos will go viral on YouTube

Before you start creating videos, it’s important to know what your audience likes and dislikes so that you can create content that matches.

  • Demographics - YouTubers tend to skew young, with 72% of viewers being younger than 35 years old. However, that doesn’t mean that older people aren’t watching. It just means that they aren’t creating as much content.
  • Interests - Most YouTubers create content relating to their areas of expertise, but a good amount also branch out into other subjects.
  • Behaviors - YouTubers are more likely to be active during the evenings, but people in different time zones will have different viewing habits. It’s important to take this into account when planning your video schedule.

Recording your own video

Before you get too excited about making money from your videos, you’ll need to learn how to record and edit your own content. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s also easy to get started if you know where to look.

The first step to recording your own video is to decide what you want to talk about. Choose a topic that you’re knowledgeable about, but that isn’t overly niche. You want your video to be relevant to a wide audience so that you can build a large fan base.

You’ll also want to choose a format for your videos. This will depend on the type of content you create, but some popular formats are vlogs, educational content, product reviews, and tutorials.

Monetizing your content with Ads

Advertising is one of the most common ways for YouTubers to make money from their videos. It’s also the easiest to get started with because you don’t have to create the content yourself. You’ll be able to sign up for an account and start showing ads on your videos in just a few minutes.

The type of ads you show on your videos will depend on the advertiser. You can choose from a few different ad types, including video ads, display ads, and skippable video ads. You’ll get paid every time someone watches your video and sees one of these ads. Advertisers will pay different amounts based on how much they think your video is worth.

You will start receiving payments once you’ve earned $100. Once you’ve reached that threshold, you’ll be able to withdraw your money. You can do this via a PayPal account or a bank account.

Making money on YouTube is a great way to build a loyal following and earn some extra cash while you’re at it. However, it’s important to know what type of videos will go viral on YouTube so that you can create content your audience will love.

Before you get started, it’s important to also know how to record your own video and how to monetize your content with Ads. These are the basics you’ll need to know before you dive in and start making money from your own YouTube channel.

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