How to make money on YouTube with 100k subscribers

Having a large following on social media is great for visibility and brand awareness. However, monetization of social media accounts isn’t something that most users take into consideration. If you have a sizable audience on one of your social media accounts, there are ways to make money off of it.
The best way to monetize any account is to find ways to sell directly to the followers. The more followers you have, the more potential customers you have for your products or services. Here are some ideas on how you can do just that and start making money from your YouTube channel with 100k subscribers:

Topic Index
  1. Write an e-book
  2. Create an online course
  3. Partner with brands
  4. Ask your followers to buy

Write an e-book

If you’re a blogger or an influencer, you may have heard about writing an e-book before. E-books are short digital books that can be found online or downloaded to be read offline. They’re a great way to get content out there that would otherwise be too long for a blog post, and can be sold for profit.
E-books are easy to produce and can be profitable if written correctly. The trick is to have a good amount of research and content that isn’t just fluff, but something that is actually valuable to readers. Once written and published, you can then sell your e-books for profit.
E-books are great ways to bring in revenue from the YouTube channel with 100k subscribers, especially if you want to try something simple like writing a how-to guide.

Create an online course

A more thorough option than an e-book is to produce an online course. Whereas an e-book is usually intended to be read out of sequence, an online course is meant to be watched and followed in sequence.
Pre-recorded video classes can be incredibly valuable to viewers, and can be used for everything from hobbies to education. You can create an online course for virtually anything, and even topics unrelated to your own field of expertise.
The trick to creating and profiting off of an online course is to create something useful, but also something that can be sold. You need to get your customers to not only watch the course, but to pay for it as well.

Partner with brands

As you gain followers, you’ll likely get contacted by brands who want to partner with you. However, if you’re looking to partner with specific brands, you can proactively reach out to them.

You can do this on an individual basis with brands, or on a larger scale with agencies and sponsorships. If you decide to go the route of contacting individual brands, make sure to do your research so that you’re not contacting a brand that wouldn’t be a good fit for your content.
When contacting a brand, first determine if they would be interested in partnering with you and your specific channel. Then, figure out how you can help them and their brand.
For example, if you have a makeup tutorial YouTube channel, reach out to a brand like Sephora or MAC and let them know that you’d love to be sponsored by them.

Ask your followers to buy

If you have a large enough audience on YouTube, you can actually make money by asking them to buy a product or service.
If you’re going to do this, be sure that you’re not spamming your followers or pushing a product or service that you don’t believe in. One easy way to make this work is to make sure that your product is related to your channel.
If your channel is focused on gaming, try to sell gaming accessories. Or if your channel is focused on fitness, try to sell nutritional supplements.

While YouTube is a great way to build an audience and start a channel, it’s also an excellent way to make money. As long as you have a sizable following, you have the potential to earn money from your YouTube channel. From writing e-books to creating online courses to selling your own products, there are many ways to profit from your YouTube channel with 100k subscribers.

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