The Most Disliked YouTube Video of All Time

So you’ve just uploaded a new video to your channel. It’s a little different from your usual uploads, but you think your subscribers will love it. You’re confident it’ll be the sort of video that will drive views and likes for weeks. But then something unexpected happens…

And so begins the list of the most disliked YouTube videos of all time. Reactions to these videos were so negative that even their uploaders seem reluctant to talk about them. A brief look at this list will probably answer any questions you have about why these videos are on it—and they are almost all because they’re just so amazingly bad.

Let’s take a closer look at these videos and find out why people don’t like them…

The most disliked YouTube video of all time: Justin Bieber’s Baby

Justin Bieber has built a career out of being a teen pop sensation. In fact, he’s the second-most subscribed YouTuber of all time, with 84 million followers. The first place goes to PSY, with his iconic “Gangnam Style” video, with over 3 billion views. So it’s perhaps no surprise that his first video, “Baby,” is the most disliked video on YouTube.

Bieber’s fans don’t seem to like it very much—and who can blame them? It’s mostly just him sitting on a couch, singing to a baby, intercut with some weird, creepy visuals, like a baby crawling around in a puddle of water. It’s safe to say that even people who don’t like Justin Bieber might enjoy this one.

Katy Perry’s Dark Horse

You’ve probably heard Katy Perry’s hit single “Dark Horse” at some point in your life. It’s a catchy tune, and it’s racked up over 1 billion views. But while most people enjoy listening to the song, the same can’t be said for watching the music video. Perry’s fans don’t seem to like the video very much, and it currently sits at the second spot on this list of most disliked YouTube videos.

Fans have complained that the visuals are too dark, and that it’s hard to understand what’s going on, especially if you’re not familiar with the song or with Perry’s other work.

What’s perhaps most notable about this video is the fact that it’s the only video that’s come close to edging out Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most disliked YouTube video. Had it been uploaded a couple of years later, it might very well have taken first place.

Rebecca Black’s Friday

This is the song that launched a thousand dislike videos. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has become something of a meme, even though it was released almost eight years ago. Anyone who’s ever had to listen to this song in class, on the radio, or online has probably cringed at least once.

Black’s fans don’t seem to like the song very much, and as a result, this video is the third most disliked on YouTube. It’s hard to know exactly what people don’t like about the song, but it’s almost certainly Black’s cringe-worthy vocals, the bizarrely inaccurate lyrics, and the terrible, dated music video.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone likes this video, let alone likes the song. It probably doesn’t help that, even years after its release, this video is still frequently parodied by internet content creators who seem to derive pleasure from making fun of it.

Mario’s Jump-Up Video Game Review

Mario is one of the most beloved characters in the history of video games. But even though he’s starred in dozens of hit games, there are a few that are so bad that even Nintendo seems hesitant to talk about them. One of those games is “Jump-Up,” a game for the Virtual Boy, which is widely considered to be one of the worst games ever made.

Most people who have heard of this game are those who have experience with the Virtual Boy, either because they played the game when it was new, or because they’re curious about what games were like for early VR systems.

But one person who has played the game is YouTuber Mario. He uploaded a video reviewing the game, and it’s safe to say that this game isn’t one that anyone would recommend. It’s safe to say that few people will enjoy watching this video—and many will likely click that “thumbs-down” button to register their dislike.

Last but not least: Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (Again)

We’ve already explored the first and second most disliked YouTube videos, but what about the third? There are many reasons to dislike Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video, but it’s likely that the main one is the fact that many people have already seen it. Many people have already heard this song, and many have already watched this music video.

This is one of the most-parodied videos in the history of YouTube, and it’s been used in so many internet jokes that even people who have never seen it might know about it and be tired of seeing it.
It’s safe to say that this video is one that many people hope that they never have to watch again—and many wish that it had never been uploaded in the first place!

It’s hard to know exactly what makes a video go viral. Sometimes it’s luck, and sometimes it’s hard work. But whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be a factor in the videos on this list. The videos that have been the most hated, least liked, and most disliked on YouTube have all been the result of terrible ideas, bad acting, or just plain bad luck.

And although these videos are the most disliked on YouTube, they’re hardly the only videos that are disliked on YouTube. There are over a million videos that have a “dislike” button on them, and they’re all there for a reason.

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