The Top 10 Female YouTubers You Need to Know

You may not think it at first glance, but the YouTube community is full of amazing women. These leading ladies have built massive followings on the video platform by monetizing their unique passions and creative ideas. These female YouTubers are among the most popular and influential stars today.

They’ve managed to climb to great heights in such a competitive field by staying true to themselves and their viewers while also exploring new opportunities. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to be introduced to some new, brilliant people, keep reading to learn more about these fantastic women you should know.

Topic Index
  1. Lilly Singh
  2. Colleen Ballinger (and Miranda Sings!)
  3. Bethany Mota
  4. Kandee Johnson
  5. Ingrid Nurding
  6. Arielle Vandenberg
  7. India Coppley
  8. Emma G And Shondra Renee  (Shonduras)
  9. Sumisha Coppley and Tanisha

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is one of the most recognizable and successful YouTubers in the world today. She has cultivated a loyal following through her thoughtful and hilarious videos that range from discussing life’s ups and downs to Indian culture and family. Lilly’s videos are inspiring, and she has become a role model for many.

She has also been praised for her thoughtful approach to mental health, which she discusses openly and honestly in her videos. Lilly is one of the top earning YouTubers of all time, and she has even used her fame and influence to help bring mental health awareness to people around the globe.

Colleen Ballinger (and Miranda Sings!)

If you’re a fan of comedy and YouTube entertainment, you’ve probably already seen one of Colleen Ballinger’s two channels. Ballinger’s primary channel is home to her “real” self, which she uses to discuss life, relationships, and pop culture. Her other channel, however, is where she’s found her fame. “Miranda Sings” is a send-up of the awkward, untalented, yet eerily confident comedian-wannabes we’ve all met at some point in our lives.

Miranda is socially awkward, sings off-key, and hilariously misinterprets the world around her. Colleen has won multiple awards for her performance as Miranda, and Miranda’s channel is one of the most popular on YouTube.

Bethany Mota

If you’re a fashion-loving teen or early 20-something, you’ve probably heard of Bethany Mota. She is one of the most successful fashion-focused YouTubers of all time. Her videos are a combination of product reviews, hauls, and tutorials. Bethany’s approach to fashion has made her a favorite among viewers of all ages, and she has helped countless people find their style. Bethany has even expanded her reach to other platforms, such as books and television.

Unlike many of the other top female YouTubers, Bethany is still very active on her channel, and she has continued to remain relevant even after reaching fame.

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson may not be a household name, but if you have kids, you have likely seen her work. Her channel is one of the best sources of family-friendly entertainment on YouTube. Kandee is a talented artist and sketch comedian who uses her skills to put together some of the best kid-friendly content on the site.

Her videos are both educational and hilarious, and they have helped countless children learn new things while also entertaining their parents. Kandee’s drawings are also available as coloring books, making it easier than ever before to get your kids involved in her fun and artistic world.

Ingrid Nurding

If you love fashion and makeup, you’ve likely already found Ingrid Nurding. Her channel is filled with tutorials, product reviews, and hauls. What makes Ingrid unique, however, is how she goes above and beyond to create an entertaining experience for her viewers.

Her videos are always filled with her unique, quirky personality, which has helped her build a massive following. Ingrid’s videos are also interactive and often involve her viewers. She has become one of the most successful independent beauty YouTubers ever, and she has even made appearances at real-life events.

Arielle Vandenberg

If you’re a sports fan, Arielle Vandenberg is a must-follow on YouTube. Her channel is dedicated to sports talk, with a special focus on basketball. Arielle has honed her skills and built her following through live broadcasts, which have allowed her to interact with her viewers while also breaking news. Her channel has become a go-to place for fans to discuss sports and get the latest news from their favorite teams. If you love sports, Arielle’s channel is a must-follow.

India Coppley

If fashion, makeup, and hair are your jam, you’ve likely already found India Coppley. Her channel is a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. India’s videos are focused primarily on hair tutorials, reviews, and product hauls. She has become a trusted source for many of her viewers who want great hair but don’t know where to start.

India’s videos are helpful yet easy to follow, making them perfect for both beginners and experts. She has also partnered with many brands to create sponsored content, making her channel even more helpful to her viewers.

Emma G And Shondra Renee  (Shonduras)

If you love gaming, you’ve likely already found Emma G and Shonduras. This dynamic duo has a massive following, and their channel is one of the best places to find gaming news and walkthroughs. Shonduras is a YouTuber in her own right, but Emma is her frequent co-host.

Together, they have created a channel dedicated to walkthroughs and gaming news, as well as silly moments from their daily lives. They have become a trusted resource for many gamers by providing helpful content, and they are one of the highest-earning female gaming channels on the platform.

Sumisha Coppley and Tanisha

If you don’t mind a bit of cussing, you’ve likely already found Sumisha Coppley and Tanisha. This hilarious duo has been creating content since 2012. Their channel is one of the most popular and successful comedic channels ever created by an Indian-American woman. Their channel’s name is “Dignified Redneck,” which might sound like an oxymoron but actually represents both Sumisha and Tanisha’s backgrounds.

They have used their channel to discuss life, relationships, and everyday issues from unique perspectives. Their channel is one of the most successful comedy channels ever created, and it has helped countless people open up and laugh at the common struggles of daily life.


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