What are the best minimum wage jobs?

In 2018, the U.S. minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, where it has been since 2014. The majority of minimum wage jobs are in the food service industry, which also tends to offer some of the most affordable training for entry-level people looking to move up quickly in their career.

If you’re struggling to find a job and need one that’s affordable as well as something that pays the bills, you’ll want to look at the best minimum wage jobs available right now. It might not be your dream job, but it will help you get out of debt and make ends meet once again. Read on for a list of some of the most affordable minimum wage jobs that are easy to train for and get hired for right away.

Food Service Jobs
Food servers, hosts and hostesses, cooks, and cashiers are some of the most common minimum wage jobs in the service industry. If you have experience working in a restaurant or a hotel and are looking to get back into the industry, you can expect to start between $7 and $9 per hour.

Food servers, who provide table service and take orders, usually need very little training and can be up and running quickly. Cooks usually need a little more training, as there are different types of cooking, but if you have experience in the kitchen, there are plenty of entry-level positions that can get you back on your feet and earning quickly.

Topic Index
  1. Cashier
  2. Dishwasher
  3. Food Preparation Assistant
  4. Lawn Mowing Technician
  5. Residential Caretaker
  6. Handyman/Property Maintenance Technician
  7. Information and Communication Technicians


If you’re looking for a job you can do while you’re in a wheelchair, a cashier position is a great option. While you might think you need to stand to work as a cashier, you can actually do it sitting down.

If you’re applying for a job at a supermarket, you may have to be able to lift a certain amount of weight, but you can still get hired as a cashier at a grocery store while sitting down. You’ll usually need to know how to use a till (checkout machine), but if you’re applying at a convenience or drug store, you may be able to use an alternative method of payment like an iPad.


If you’re super organized and like to be hands-on with your work, dishwashing may be the perfect minimum wage job for you. While it’s not a glamorous job by any means, it’s something you can do while your hands are covered in soap and water, so you don’t have to lift anything.

If you’re applying for a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant, you’ll need to be able to lift about 50 lbs (20 kg), but if you’re applying for a job at a commercial kitchen for large events, you may only have to be able to lift 25 lbs (11 kg).

Food Preparation Assistant

If you’re looking for an entry-level job in the food service industry, a food preparation assistant position may be perfect for you. As a food preparation assistant, you’ll be expected to prepare ingredients, such as chopping vegetables and making salads.

Depending on where you work, you may be able to do this job sitting down or you may have to stand. You may need to be able to lift a certain amount of weight, but if you’re preparing food for a restaurant, you’ll be working with prepackaged ingredients that are already chopped up for you.

Lawn Mowing Technician

If you have a knack for cutting grass and a lawn mower, you may be able to make a pretty decent living as a lawn mowing technician.

While it’s a seasonal job, you can make a ton of cash during the summer months when everyone is cutting their grass.
You’ll usually be paid by the hour, but if you are starting out, you can expect to make minimum wage or just slightly above. You can usually find lawn care jobs online or through word of mouth if you’re in a smaller city or town.

Residential Caretaker

Residential caretakers are responsible for keeping an eye on the buildings they’re employed by and making sure they are safe and secure. Sometimes, residential caretakers are expected to do maintenance work, such as changing light bulbs, fixing minor plumbing issues, and mowing lawns.

You’ll usually be paid an hourly wage, but you may also be paid a salary. If you have a specific employer, you may be able to negotiate a higher wage.
You should also check if your employer offers benefits like health insurance.

Handyman/Property Maintenance Technician

If you’re handy around the house, you might be able to get hired as a handyman or property maintenance technician. As a handyman, you’ll usually do smaller jobs like fixing appliances, repairing furniture, and installing light fixtures.

As a property maintenance technician, you’ll be responsible for larger scale jobs and may be hired by a property management company that oversees and maintains a large set of properties.

Information and Communication Technicians

Computer and IT technicians are in high demand in the U.S., and they usually make a decent amount of money, but they don’t always require a high amount of training. If you have computer skills and can pass a basic certification test, you can usually get hired as an IT technician right away.

Computer and IT specialists usually have to have a bachelor’s degree, but technicians only need an associate’s degree or sometimes a certification. You can find entry-level IT technician jobs that pay minimum wage, but you may have to work your way up in the field if you want to make a good amount of money.

There are plenty of minimum wage jobs out there that are easy to train for and are in high demand. You may not be making a ton of money right away, but it’s a great way to get your foot in the door, gain experience, and make ends meet until you can find a better-paying job.

Keep searching for jobs, keep improving your skills, and make sure you’re getting interviewed for positions that are above your current pay grade. You may not be able to get hired for a better-paying job right away, but if you keep at it, you’ll find a job that pays well and lets you contribute to your community in a meaningful way.

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