What happens when you reach 5000 friends on Facebook

Congratulations! You've reached 5000 friends on Facebook, which is a lot of people. The first thing that happens is nothing. You'll see your friend count change to 5000+ but that's all. Everything else is the same—you can still post status updates, post photos, write on walls and comment on posts from all of your friends (even if some of them have unfriended you).

The first thing that happens is nothing. It's the same as it was when you had one friend, five friends and a thousand friends; you can still use the site normally. So get back to what you were doing!

You can still message people, tag people in photos and see all the posts from your friends. Their profile pictures will remain unchanged, but their names are now in bold text (like this).

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  1. You'll see your friend count change to 5000+
  2. You won't be able to add any more friends
  3. You can unfriend some people and make new friends after that

You'll see your friend count change to 5000+

You'll see your friend count change to 5000+ when you reach the milestone of 5,000 friends. It's a visual representation of the change and a way to show that you've reached a milestone!

It's not a way to show that something is wrong with your account or how many people like it (or don't like it). For example, if someone unfriends you then their name will disappear from your friend list but their profile picture will remain. This allows for them still being able to see what others are saying about them on Facebook.

It also isn't used as an indicator for anything else such as how likable one’s posts are or how popular one’s profile is with other users in general; these factors affect more than just how many people have clicked "like" on any given post or image posting by someone else - so there's no need for anyone feeling anxious about their place within whatever imaginary ranking system they think might exist out there somewhere waiting patiently behind every single text box ever created by mankind itself (and then some!)

You won't be able to add any more friends

If you can't add any more friends, don't worry: there are plenty of other ways to stay connected with your Facebook community.

  • You can unfriend somebody if they're annoying or too personal—join the group "I want to be able to delete friends from my list without them knowing."
  • Make new friends! There are some great groups out there that focus on finding like-minded people (like this one.)
  • Send messages. There's plenty of room because you can only send so many texts per month on most carriers anyways. And if they don't respond, well...they didn't respond! That's why we have so many other options available today!

You can unfriend some people and make new friends after that

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that you can only unfriend someone in your friends list once you reach 5000 friends, so if you have more than 5000 people on your list, then there are going to be some people who aren't in your top 50 and therefore won't be able to see what you post or tag them when posting as "public".

You can also add more friends after reaching 5K—but the limit won't change again until 10K. Everything else is the same:

  • You can still post to your wall, tag people in photos, and chat with your friends
  • You can still see all the messages you have received from everyone who has friended you on Facebook
  • You can still see all the photos that have been posted on your profile (including those tagged by others)

It's a milestone, and most of us will never reach it. But it's not the end of the world if you don't get there. Just make sure you're not holding your breath waiting for it (because you'll be waiting forever), and remember that 5000 friends is only one number on Facebook. There are lots more numbers to keep an eye on! And if all else fails, just celebrate with some cake 🙂

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