YouTube Will Stop Paying: What This Means for You

YouTube to Stop Paying: What This Means for You In a bid to diversify its revenue streams, YouTube has announced several changes for 2019 that will affect how YouTubers are compensated for views of their content. As a result, some creators have reconsidered whether it's worth continuing with the platform or shifting focus to other video services like Amazon Video or Twitch. These changes may seem scary at first glance, but here's what you need to know about them.

In recent years, creators have had more opportunities than ever to build a career on YouTube. As a result, the platform has been flooded with videos and channels that have gained popularity among viewers. In fact, YouTubers have become celebrities in their own right . But as these content creators gain traction and grow their audiences, they have begun to face new challenges.

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YouTube will stop paying

YouTube will no longer pay creators for views once the site's new payment structure goes into effect on February 15, 2019. This means that if your goal is to make a living from the platform, you have just under six months to expand its audience and audience. This change only applies to creators registered with the site's Partner Program, which allows them to earn a share of ad revenue from their videos, not those of the YouTube Red subscription service.

There are many reasons why YouTube's ad revenue model no longer makes sense for creators, but the biggest problem is ad fraud. Companies like Oracle and Google have been trying to address this problem for years and it has gotten worse as the industry has grown.

new requirements

from the Partner Program The YouTube Partner Program allows creators to earn revenue from their videos through advertising. Now, with each new creator that joins the program, the site imposes a minimum threshold of how many views each video must receive in order to collect money. And for most YouTubers, the new threshold is significantly higher than what they were before.

In the past, YouTubers participating in the Partner Program only had to reach 10,000 lifetime views to qualify. Now they must achieve a minimum of 4,000 visits each month to earn income. But that is only the first requirement. In order to actually get paid, they also have to meet a threshold of $100 in gross ad revenue.

Videos sin anuncios y membresía de canal

A medida que más usuarios de YouTube han creado grandes audiencias, algunos han comenzado a experimentar con nuevos tipos de contenido que no contienen anuncios. En cambio, cobran a los espectadores una tarifa a cambio de ver contenido sin publicidad. Ahora, el sitio ofrece a los creadores la opción de configurar un programa de Membresía de canal, que permite a los espectadores registrarse para pagos mensuales recurrentes a cambio de una visualización sin publicidad.

Anteriormente, este tipo de programa solo era accesible para YouTubers seleccionados, pero ahora cualquier canal puede configurarlo. Google también ofrece una opción para que los espectadores paguen más para eliminar anuncios de cada video en el canal de un creador. Esta tarifa adicional ayudará al creador a obtener más ingresos de su contenido más popular.

Canales pagos y contenido patrocinado

YouTube también está agregando dos opciones de monetización más para los creadores: contenido patrocinado y canales pagos. El contenido patrocinado permitirá a los creadores asociarse con marcas y otras empresas para promocionar sus productos en sus videos. Los creadores también pueden decidir si quieren revelar que se les ha pagado por crear el contenido. Y los patrocinadores pueden establecer sus presupuestos y elegir con qué creadores quieren trabajar.

Los canales pagos, por otro lado, permitirán que los YouTubers cobren a sus suscriptores directamente. Los espectadores pueden optar por pagar una cierta cantidad cada mes para apoyar a sus creadores favoritos. A cambio, obtendrán acceso a contenido exclusivo, descuentos y ventajas adicionales.

Overall, the upcoming changes to the YouTube Partner Program are intended to encourage more YouTubers to create high-quality, original content that viewers find valuable. But some creators are likely to leave the site as a result of the new requirements.

If you're someone who produces content on YouTube, it's important to make sure you understand the new requirements for getting paid. It will take a lot of time and effort to make up for the fewer views per video. But if you really want to build a career on YouTube, this is what you have to do.

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